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We are a premium supplier of high-quality Industrial Power Tools across Dubai, UAE & Doha, Qatar. We never compromise on the quality of our products and always deliver genuine products of top rated brands.

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Electrical Equipment's Details

Cables & Wires

Wiring Accessories

G.I Switch Boxes

G. I Conduits & Accessories

Lighting & Switch Gear

Motor Starters

Changeover Switches

Ceiling Exhaust Fans

Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Electrical equipment includes a wide variety of cables, wires, connectors, switches, plugs, circuits and many more.

These products are used in homes, offices, industry, fields and almost in each and every place. If the equipment is of low quality then the hazard of any fire of short-circuiting increases. So we always recommend to use best quality electrical products in all the places.